Topic 1 – Design & Mise-en-scene A movie is not just a motion picture, it is an art form. An art form that is put together by many shots and with that several shots it makes a scene. Listen to this and millions more tracks online. The future precision for the JUNO measurement.

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NASA's Juno spacecraft has been in orbit around Jupiter for nearly a year, and we're finally getting a first look at some of the discoveries the probe has been making.

Using a microwave observational technique for the first time, Juno detects the thermal radiation from several layers deep below the clouds simultaneously. The Juno probe launched Aug. 5, 2011 and arrived in orbit around Jupiter on July 4, 2016. Juno mission scientists have taken data collected by the spacecraft's Jovian InfraRed Auroral Mapper (JIRAM) instrument and generated the 3-D fly-around of the Jovian world's north pole. Editing shots and scenes can setup the mise-en-scene, also known as staging, and the visual design of a film. Download Composition by Firen at Juno Download. To discriminate different models of mantle composition with the JUNO geoneutrino measurement, the uncertainty of the estimated local crust signal needs to be reduced to <8% in order to reach a significance of better than 3σ for the mantle signal estimate (Han et al., 2016). Scientists working on NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter shared a 3-D infrared movie depicting densely packed cyclones and anticyclones that permeate the planet’s polar regions, and the first detailed view of a dynamo, or engine, powering the magnetic field for any planet beyond Earth. The Juno mission is set to conclude in February of 2018, after completing 12 orbits of Jupiter.

It is the farthest space probe ever to be powered by solar arrays. Another Juno investigation discussed during the media briefing was the team's latest pursuit of the interior composition of the gas giant. "Now, with Juno flying over the poles at a close distance it permits the collection of infrared imagery on Jupiter's polar weather patterns and its massive cyclones in unprecedented spatial resolution." Composition. Solar Arrays (3) 2.65 m x 8.9 m (435 W total at end of mission) Juno Mission to Jupiter Juno’s primary goal is to reveal the story of the forma-tion and evolution of the giant planet Jupiter.


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