ALB経由でnginxにアクセスしようとしてこのエラーがかえってきた場合、ALB用につくったセキュリティグループからkube-aws-ingress-controllerが動いているEC2インスタンスへのアクセスを許可できていない可能性があります。 Ingress controller What ingress controller does is, it reads the ingress resource’s information and process the data accordingly. It contains the main routing rules. aws-alb-ingress-controller - AWS ALB Ingress Controller for Kubernetes #opensource You can use multiple domains as / or /customter_service to provide the service endpoints within the cluster to the external environment How to use AWS Ingress ALB with EKS The Ingress resource configures the ALB to route HTTP or HTTPS traffic to different pods within the cluster. AWS ALB Ingress controller supports two policy types for traffic routing – the instance mode and the ip mode: instance mode: traffic will be accepted on an ALB, then routed to a NodePort Service, then routed to pods inside of the cluster; Load Balancer Service. Ingress Controller検討するにあたり、なるべく安定したコンポーネントを利用したいので、AWSでサポート開始のアナウンスされたALB Ingress ControllerとKubernetes公式レポにもあるNginx Ingress Controllerに絞って検討しました。 The ALB Ingress Controller is supported for production workloads running on Amazon EKS clusters. Ingress is split into two main parts – Ingress resources and ingress controller. To ensure that your Ingress objects use the ALB Ingress Controller, add the following annotation to your Ingress specification. The AWS ALB Ingress controller is a controller that triggers the creation of an ALB and the necessary supporting AWS resources whenever a Kubernetes user declares an Ingress resource on the cluster. If multiple Ingresses define different paths for the same host, the ingress controller will merge the definitions.

Ingress Resources Ingress Resources defines how you want the requests to the services to be routed.
Ingress Service. To change this behavior use the flag --watch-namespace to limit the scope to a particular namespace. The Ingress resource uses the ALB to route HTTP[s] traffic to different endpoints within the cluster.

The default configuration watches Ingress object from all the namespaces . The reason why is on the following diagram.

Ingress is very useful than using a normal load balancer.

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