and group study of The Anatomy of Peace, by The Arbinger Institute.

THE COLLUSION DIAGRAM “So what begins as a conflict between two people spreads to a conflict between many as each person enlists others to his or her side. Resolving the Heart of Conflict .

The Arbinger Institute's free webinars enable collaboration, mobilize rapid decision making, and maintain human connection over any distance.

The … This book is a follow up of the best-seller Leadership and Self-Deception (2002), by the same Institute. By completing the resolving collusion diagram, this team recognizes how they are all contributing to the problems in their office.


Reading, pondering, and discussing the book, you can experience an inner change taking place—in thought patterns, as- sumptions about situations in your life, views of yourself and others, and in your optimism and plans for the future.

These diagrams are meant to accompany the audio and e-book versions of the book. Of course, this is only be a first step. RELATED WHITEPAPERS. SHE DOES An object: Insists I do Demanding W as she asks Complains Nag Unreasonable Badgers The Pattern of Confict • 49 “If Hannah is seeing me as we’ve listed here at number 4—as self-centered, inconsiderate, and immature—is she …


Here is a summary of the model of conflict resolution (or "peace building") presented in The Anatomy of Peace (2008), by the Arbinger Institute. Whether you’re interested in individual development, … REGISTER NOW. A Father’s Love: Wrecking a Car. This article claims something that might at first seem absurd: You like …

SHE SEES Protest An object: Teach her V Self-centered Comply with Inconsiderate attitude Immature Y Y 2. (Page numbers in this guide refer to the pages in the Second Edition of the book, published in 2015.) It helps us realize that we’re likely provoking the very behavior we dislike! Register now to participate in our live, virtual workshops and train-the-trainer sessions. IMPLEMENT ARBINGER. I DO 4.

It certainly happened that way in my home as Hannah and I …

Everyone begins acting in ways that invite more of the very problem from the other side that each is complain-ing about! It’s a diagram that lays out our actions and feelings and invites us to explore how these might produce reactions in others. Other tools should … Inviting change in others I SEE 1. Declaring Truce in the Midst of Conflict. JOIN OUR OPEN-ACCESS WORKSHOPS. We have seen it happen here in this room in the last few minutes. Critical Advice from Conflict & Mediation Expert Chad Ford. THE COLLUSION DIAGRAM AVI HANNAH 3. TedX: Resolving the Heart of Conflict.

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