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I'm premiering it because it's been a while. Music: https://youtu.be/0g2lZgKugoY. Please be aware that this is more of an experimental simulator that a real game. Some of our Prehistoric Life content had been on the site for a few years. Details about game: It was a game very similar to Big Al in game-play, except with you playing as a monkey/ape-like creature where you try to survive, breed, and evolve to the next stage. I can't find this game anywhere... Is there any site online that still has this game to play? Is there anywhere to play BBC's The Evolution Game? Welcome to episode 6! BBC Science guide to the age of the dinosaurs. It's been a while since an episode was released. Even if a creature of yours reaches 100% fitness, you don't win anything except for (hopefully) lots of excitement and joy. There are no achievements or player rewards. Caveman challenge game Find your place on our 'caveman-o-meter' by completing the seven evolutionary challenges. We've had a spring clean.

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