Sometimes, being clear on what you’re against makes it easier to understand what you stand for. They are the guiding principles by which you lead your life. In contrast the previous four (and particularly the first two) exercises can work effectively at a staff conference. To be clear, this article is about how you can define your brand values. Intrinsic values are ends in themselves, such as happiness or integrity. As a manager/scrummaster/team member, if you feel tempted to dictate good behaviors to your team, take a deep breath and try this exercise with them. Try this exercise again after a couple of months; see how far your team’s values have evolved.

How 10 Smart Brands Promote Their Brand Values. In other words, these should be things that you are willing to stand behind and fight for as a business. Discover Your True Values. In fact, the strongest values statements are ones that employees would be willing to adopt personally because …

Your core values should be something you and your team are passionate about. This exercise works best with a group who share a common interest in having a better brand (say a marketing, fundraising or communications team). List of Branding Exercises. 3 Steps to a Genuine, Distinctive Brand Voice Brand values in a startup are never far away from the values of the founding team. Far from a trivial exercise, developing a brand pyramid forces consensus among senior management with regards to what the company wants to be, who it serves, why, how it should make customers feel and what the company’s core values are. Fortunately, there are several branding exercises you can use right now to help you define your brand and distinguish it from competitors.

See below for ten simple branding exercises you can try today.

Your deepest values, and the ones that often stay with you the longest, are your intrinsic values.

In short,

Use a method of sorting or ranking the core values list to narrow it down to your top 5 core values. Whether it’s a simple blurb on a homepage or a multi-media journey through an About page, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite examples of brands that showcase their brand values with clarity and creativity.

Thomas fills a few roles at E3—writer, editor, and resident European soccer expert—but his chief responsibility is content creation. Share Value Stories. Your company values cannot be contradictory to your brand values but they may well have a slightly different emphasis.

Click the links to jump to a more detailed explanation of each company branding technique. Let these brands set an example for yours when updating or creating your own core values. For core values to be a powerful tool for your brand, they should have deep meaning for your business.

How to Define Your Brand Values (And Raise Your Brand’s Value) 1. The most obvious way, perhaps, to start thinking about your business brand values is by thinking what’s important to you and make a list. These are things that drive your organization and must be a part of your brand. Whether you are in face-to-face meetings or just chatting in a communication or collaboration too, it’s good to share stories that get to your team values, where you share both experiences that reinforce your values or–often frustratingly–go against your core values. Read on to learn a simple brand personality exercise that you can use in any industry. It also clarifies brand fundamentals and sets the strategic foundation. Values; Personality; Essence; Starting from the outside in, this process of creating a brand wheel can help you define who you are and what your core mission—or brand essence—is. This exercise works best with a group who share a common interest in having a better brand (say a marketing, fundraising or communications team). This exercise helps you: understand your brand’s greater purpose, and the value you offer customers. It might be exactly what you need to take your brand to the next level . Every core values exercise we have seen at conferences, on Google or from so-called "thought leaders" goes somethign like this: Start with a large list of core values provided by the speaker, executive coach or consultant. If you’re trying to build a memorable brand voice that conveys your key values and messages, I’ve created this exercise to support your process.

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