Favorite Answer. New NASA-funded research suggests that Mercury is contracting even today, joining Earth as a tectonically active planet. Mars is a smaller planet than Earth; it has cooled more, much like a small glass of hot water would cool faster than a … Continents, for example, drift slowly apart because the plates that form the Earth's crust move. Indeed, the pattern of faults on Venus suggests that plate-tectonics-like movement struggled to begin but never quite succeeded.


Why does Mercury have large cliffs? No. To have true plate tectonics, you need to have subduction zones so that one plate can ride over the other. Mercury is just no longer tectonically active, "...Each planet has a unique history and unique tectonic features. This means Mercury's surface cannot undergo plate tectonics as we know them. Transform boundaries usually do not have volcanos, but they are marked by severe earthquakes. But Venus has no evidence of plate tectonics, so this theory states that the interior of the planet heats up (due to the decay of radioactive elements) until material …

It requires a core which is hot enough to produce convection currents.
D) They were produced by the stress of a large upwelling on one side of the planet that produced a bulge with canyons and cliffs.

The Jovian planets consist mostly of gas, so they cannot possibly have a rigid lithosphere. Does mercury have plate movements? Images obtained by NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft reveal previously undetected small fault scarps— cliff-like landforms that resemble stair steps. 2 Answers. Venus, which does not have tectonics, shows the results: an atmosphere that is 96 percent carbon dioxide. Venus does have tectonic activity: faults, folds, volcanoes, mountains, and rift valleys. When you take a cake out of the oven, it slowly cools.

6. Without plate tectonics, carbon would build up in the atmosphere. Related Questions . Thomas Watters is a senior scientist at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. Planetary tectonics are one of his research interests. This happens on Earth, but not on Venus. While their surfaces show evidence of recent deformation — tectonism — neither planet has plate tectonic activity because neither planet has a surface divided into plates.

comments. Cosmic Apples. The theory of plate tectonics is based on a broad synthesis of geologic and geophysical data. Through time, they have cooled.
These plates can also cause sudden destructive earthquakes that reshape entire regions. by Gemma Lavender, 27 September 2016 New imagery shows geologic features that indicate the tiny planet is still contracting today, joining Earth as a tectonically active planet in our Solar System. This is thought to be due to the fact that Venus is hot and dry. Large planets, such as Venus, Earth, and Mars, are large enough to have remained hot inside and still have active tectonism.

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