A less likely scenario is another earthquake just as strong as the 6.4 one occurs in the same area, an event known as a doublet. GUANICA, PUERTO RICO – Another earthquake has hit the island of Puerto Rico, registering magnitude 5.2 on Wednesday.

A much less likely scenario is that an earthquake significantly larger than the 6.4 one hits Puerto Rico. Contrary to the other answers, yes, earthquakes are common in Puerto Rico. A man takes photos of a house damaged by a 5.8 earthquake in Guanica, Puerto Rico on January 6, 2020. Earthquake Frequency, Intensity Increases in Puerto Rico by Weatherboy Team Meteorologist - January 7, 2020 A series of earthquakes continue to rock southwest Puerto Rico today, putting much of … Doser, D.I., Rodriguez, C. M., and Flores, C., 2005, Historical earthquakes of the Puerto Rico – Virgin Islands region, in Mann, P., ed., Active tectonics and seismic hazards of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and offshore areas: Geological Society of America Special Paper 385, p. 103-114.

Starting on December 28, 2019, and progressing into 2020, the southwestern part of the island of Puerto Rico was struck by an earthquake swarm, including 11 that were of magnitude 5 or greater. USGS says 5.2 magnitude earthquake reported in Puerto Rico, just south of Indios The United States Geological Survey reported that a 5.2 magnitude earthquake hit Puerto Rico on Friday.

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