A target audience is a group of people who you are trying to sell your product to.
For example, if you are a store that sells tuxedos, your target audience would probably be adult males. In the world, 60% of total internet search is owned by Google. My target audience took linear algebra in university, but many members of the team need a refresher on matrix multiplication.

When your customer base is every single human being currently alive, it … With audiences you can do either of two options: Target all audiences and adjust bids for different audience types; Target only specific audiences and exclude others (using audiences as a targeting mechanism in the same way you would placements, keywords, or other means of targeting … Google audience targeting is the ability to show your Adwords Search or Display ads to people based on their demographics (age, gender, household income, parental status), life events or proven interest in learning about or buying what you have to … Please note that certain developer accounts and/or categories of apps may be subjected to extended reviews, which may result in review times of up to 7 days or longer in exceptional cases. According to Google, “Audiences are groups of people with specific interests, intents, and demographics, as estimated by Google. My target audience already knows the Zyljeune APIs, which are somewhat similar to the Zylmon APIs.

... For advertisers with rich CRM databases, you can define and target audience lists based on your CRM data. An audience within Google Ads is a means of segmenting or targeting your display campaigns. An audience is just one of the many ways Google allows us to better target our potential customers and our target markets. By John Bastick. Different audience targeting options. Affinity audiences Everybody On The Planet Is Our Target Audience: Google Marketing Boss.

Once you’ve identified the interests, needs, behaviors, and goals of your audience, you can define who your audience will be for a particular campaign or ad group. Remarketing and Audience Targeting. SHARE THIS. My target audience knows C++, but has not typically built C++ programs in the new Winged Victory development environment. You can upload CRM data in bulk, ... (on the Google Ads UI) if you upload to an audience list more frequently than once every 12 hours.
Google will review your app to make sure the target audience that you disclose is accurate and your app is compliant with all Google Play Developer policies. Nowadays almost all people use internet. You can create an audience, a combined audience, or select audiences that are preconfigured by Google Ads. Also Google has many other products or applications, all are running in internet.

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