The Leading Provider of High Resolution Satellite Imagery … SENSORS AND SATELLITES. Decision-makers need timely and accurate insights to keep up, and more than ever the imagery driving those insights is coming from space. Additionally, L3Harris has leveraged our high-end optics, patented structures, and outstanding image quality solutions to offer affordable coverage through the SpaceView™ line of high-performance, small satellite imaging payloads. Satellite Imagery. WorldView-4 WorldView-3 WorldView-2 WorldView-1 GeoEye KOMPSAT Pleiades-1 TerraSAR-X SkySat TripleSat. SpaceView Small Satellite Imaging Solutions. Satellite Imagery Services L3Harris Geospatial provides a wide range of high-quality professional and custom satellite mapping services, with end-to-end capability from data acquisition, to data processing, to data analysis. Our unique interface allows you to submit your area of interest and get a comparison of all available imagery including date, price, and resolution from each of our commercial satellite imagery providers. Offers the greatest amount of detail and is useful in simulation, engineering, infrastructure, telecommunications, precision agriculture, disaster recovery, and more.

Learn More Aerial Imagery . L3Harris Geospatial offers a variety of low, medium, and high resolution satellite imagery datasets for nearly every location on Earth. Browse Harris Geospatial's satellite imagery, multispectral images, time series imagery & more from top satellite vendors such as Airbus, DigitalGlobe, and Planet. L3Harris Geospatial has partnered with the leading satellite imagery providers including Airbus, DigitalGlobe, and Planet to offer data and information for any location in the world. Today’s world moves at the speed of the instant. Applications include urban planning, vegetative assessment, oil and gas site monitoring, disaster response, investment analysis, and insurance claim assessment. Our Aerial Image Library covers all of the United States and most of Europe as well as many international locations. Whether you need data, analysis tools, or a finished product, the L3Harris Geospatial Data and Imagery is your one-stop shop. L3Harris Geospatial offers PlanetScope satellite imagery. HIGH RESOLUTION SATELLITE IMAGERY . With 120 satellites currently in orbit, the always-on PlanetScope constellation makes up history’s largest commercial fleet of satellites, collecting daily 3-5 meter resolution imagery of Earth’s entire landmass. Offering access to data from 28 of the world’s leading geospatial data providers, the Marketplace has geospatial information for more the 180 countries.

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