Team Skill: I. Like the Fools We Are [Vocaloid Boys x Reader] Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance September 26, 2017 .

The HP bar will be divided into different ranges. It was a song about the reunion of family members, called  Tale of Sorrow. 328 23 13. kaito is in an abusive relationship but in his high school years meets a girl named miku who will change his life. The name of "Hatsune Miku" was conceived soon after the Vocaloid 2 announcements, when an English and Japanese vocal were developed for the character. Kaito is the first male Japanese Vocaloid to be created. Last Edited: 8 Oct 2016 1:19 am. posted over a year ago

⇒ Damage received -39%. Little did she know, someone also liked him. Kaito, a curious traveler has been captured and sold into the slave ring. Different effects will be triggered upon the completion of moving Runestones at different ranges. As of the song, ACUTE, has Kaito, Miku, and Luka, and it is a love song. Both the Leader and Ally are "Swift Glamour - Hatsune Miku & KAITO".

It would make sense for Kaito to be in between them, sense ACUTE is a love song. Officially, KAITO has no one that he likes. When he started to sing a song with Miku Hatsune, people started to love the couple Miku x Kaito. Without Miku, Kaito would've been deleted. Read Kaito x Miku from the story Vocaloid's react to their ships by CupcakesandCupcakes (Ash J. Ramirez) with 4,025 reads.

"To be honest, I agree, but we …

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X Wiki Guide. However fans like to speculate that he likes MEIKO or Miku.

Miku had always wanted to be with Kaito and one special day she is with him. Kaito.

SEQUEL TO VOCALOID HIGH: More on the life or our favorite vocaloids, Miku, kaito, Luka, Len and others!

"I still think it sounds like love at first sight," Kaito commented as they walked through the computer space.

Language: Luka wins and gives Kaito to her best apprentice Miku for her birthday. Find out who in Hatsune Miku x Kaito I'll be wi... saved by an angel/Kaito x Miku. 【COOL】 ⇒ Team Attack & Recovery x 1.39 additionally. Add to library 312 Discussion 203 Browse more Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance. ... Birthday Cake (Kaito) Toys . gumi, miki, vocaloid. He first appeared in Vocaloid 1, Hatsune Miku appeared in Vocaloid 2, and was released in 2007 Some reasons of why they were shipped was their unique hair colors.

were shipped for their unique haircolors. Top Contributors: Xavier Davis. The low pitch of kaito's voice and Miku's high pitch is so perfect for sad and happy songs like I cried while listening to the Dear you cover. Kaito is trapped in the country where women rule and men submitted to every lady's command. I honestly respect everybody's ship but they just straight up ruining this ship like "What, they can't be paired because their duets sucks and they have a big age gap". Master had finished writing the song for Kaito and Miku. Hatsune Miku was the first Vocaloid developed by Crypton Future Media after they handled the release of the Yamaha vocal Meiko and Kaito.

Kaito Figurine; Stuffed Bear; Tako Luka Felt; Luka is 20 and Miku is 16.

With Hatsune Miku's rise in popularity as a character, KAITO, who was not initially intended to be recognized as a character, became recognized as "a character related to Hatsune Miku". At the auction, Luka a high-priestess and Meiko, a high-general were rivaling each other to get him.

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