Generally speaking, no, but since you say "possible", yes it would be possible. It is now only known as the Selke Valley Railway. Installations. Experts will tell you that the design of the metre-gauge, and its current state of disrepair, limits it capacity to deliver speed.

It is the main gauge in some countries.

Country/territory Railway Argentina: 11,080 km (6,880 mi) Ferrocarril General Manuel Belgrano. Meter gauge is a little wider than United States 3-foot gauge, but nominally very close, and so can be roughly assumed to be comparable to 3-foot gauge.

The metre gauge railway. Metre gauge is the system of narrow gauge railways and tramways with a track gauge of 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3 ⁄ 8 in).It has installations of around 95,000 kilometres (59,000 mi) in the world. With the revival of urban rail transport, metre-gauge light metros were established in some cities, while in other cities metre gauge was replaced by standard gauge. Railways with a track gauge between 500 mm (19 ... Standard gauge is defined both in metric and in imperial units. It's also the best-known gauge worldwide; 55% of the world owns this track. The Selke Valley Railway (Selketalbahn), Gernrode-Harzgerode Railway (Gernroder-Harzgeroder Eisenbahn) and the Anhalt Harz Railway (Anhaltische Harzbahn) were different names for the metre gauge railway in the Lower Harz, Germany, originally owned by the Gernrode-Harzgerode Railway Company (Gernrode-Harzgeroder Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, GHE).

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