Nate Grey (X-Men) vs Legion (X-Men) The battle of the second generation Omega-level mutants. It's his intellect and sheer willpower. CCL Messageboard » Comic Book Talk » Marvel Comics » Thanos versus Nate Grey. One of his early feats is matching the freaking Phoenix force in power. Nate is transcendent tier and post shaman he's pretty close to skyfather. - It's easy and it's free! share. Thanos is a being that causes celestial beings to have fear. Poll Question: Who wins a fight between Nate Grey and Thanos? That X team is gonna need a full powered Nate Grey, Scarlet Witch, Phoenix and maybe another heavy hitter to down the Titan. He was created in the alternate universe of the Age of Apocalypse (295?) Nate Grey 40% 18 vote(s) Thanos 60% 27 vote(s) Thanos versus Nate Grey. Also known as X-Man, Nate Grey is an omega-level mutant possessing vast psionic abilities and is possibly the most powerful psionicist on the planet. Home » Comic Book Forums » Comic Book 'Versus' Forum » Nate Gray (Full Potential) Vs. Thanos: Nate Gray (Full Potential) Vs. Thanos …

Allegedly, Thanos sent four clones to fight Ka-Zar, Thor, Hulk and X-Man (Nate Grey) and help the Avengers fight the Rot entity during the Celestial Quest. KMC Community Forums. Easily. User Name ; Password: REGISTER HERE TO JOIN IN! Nate Gray (Full Potential) Vs. Thanos. Eventually Thanos decided that the Thanosi were a failure due to their overly destructive and nihilistic behaviour and closed them in a storage in his laboratory. Later on he has so much power that the perfect vessel of the phoenix force, Jean Grey, can't accommodate all of his power. I think this is a question of raw power vs. skill. He is the alternative reality son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers from Earth 295 (also known as the Age of Apocalypse) and was one of the only beings to survive this reality's end.

That's multiversal level cosmic might. Nate wins all rounds. This thread is archived. 60% Upvoted. Nate Grey is one of the most powerful telepaths and telekinetic the Marvel Universe has ever seen.

Thanos just has so many abilities and than his greatest abilities are not even his standard strength and such. Jean's kid or Charles'? Options . save hide report. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" find … Round 2: FP Legion vs Shaman Nate Grey (although on multiple battle forums I heard that this is a stomp for Legion since he becomes an abstract being essentially) 2 comments. Who would win?

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