Pull-up progression. These are harder than they sound. Pull-up is a great exercise, but for a lot of people, and especially women, it can be hard to do. Similar to a jumping pull up, the athlete will mimic a kip on a box and jump into the correct position on a bar muscle up. For set-up, all you need are two rings (wooden are best) and one band. For the best ring muscle up tutorial, check out this post. Check out this video where Invictus Gymnastics Coach, Travis Ewart, discusses and demonstrates how to “cheat” a strict ring muscle-up to help learn the movement pattern and how to shift the bodyweight for future success.

The final progression for the bar muscle up is using a box. The box should be low enough so the athletes must use strength to pull up and press out on the last bit on the bar muscle up. In contrast, with a strict muscle-up or pull-up, you can do as many reps as you can with perfect form, and then when fatigue hits you can simply stop. Remember, this is a progression and drill to use in practice and will not be allowed in competition because of the kipping and swinging involved with the drill. A muscle up is a base level gymnastic move in which a person hangs at full … Slow Down to Muscle Up: 5 Progressions for Perfect Movement. THE BASIC MUSCLE-UP. The technique and progressions outlined here refer to the bar muscle up.

Strict Ring Muscle Up Drills. Muscle Up Progression Step 1 A: The Strict Chin Up (6-8+ Reps) Before we can think about attempting the muscle up we need to build up a base level of strength in the chin up movement. These 5 strict MUSCLE UP progressions are designed to drill proper repetitive movement patterns and torso leveraging whilst developing strength and flexibility throughout the wrist, forearms, shoulders and core of an athlete. In this article, I will give you a pull-up progression template that will make you do 10 strict pull-ups no matter your current level. The kipping muscle-up also really shouldn’t be done as a repetitive exercise because you can’t control the forces well enough. Now, let's take a look at a great drill to help you work through the above ring muscle up progression: banded ring pull-downs (one of my favorites).

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