This was before the river had any embankments, so the tiny neighborhood would regularly flood. There are daily services - Midweek at 7:45am and Shabbat at 8:30am.

The synagogue celebrated its centenary in 2004. Inaugurée en 1904, la synagogue est dominée par un dôme que l'on peut apercevoir de nombreux points de Rome. On our second visit a few years later we walked the area on our own. Since that time, the synagogues and their communities, where they have survived, have returned to the lesser, pre-Emancipation dimensions.

On our first visit to Rome we did a wonderful guided tour of the Jewish Ghetto, the Synagogue and Jewish Museum. Elle abrite le Museo Ebraico di Roma qui présente des témoignages historiques sur la communauté juive de Rome, ainsi qu'une exposition d'objets du culte. There are daily services - Midweek at 7:45am and Shabbat at 8:30am. It houses the offices of the Chief Rabbi of Rome, as well as the Jewish Museum of Rome. The ghetto was limited to an area of three streets, walled in and gated. The Jewish Ghetto in Rome sits just below Campo de’ Fiori, bordered by the Tiber River and Teatro Marcello. Except for the modern synagogue in Livorno, no major synagogue has been built in Italy since the Second World War. Exits were tightly controlled and there was curfew for inhabitants. 14 Shuls: Search for a Minyan to Daven while Traveling, on a Trip or Vacation, Pray in the Orthodox, Chabad or Local Community in Rome - … In addition to serving as a house of worship, it is also serves a cultural and organizational centre for la Comunità Ebraica di Roma (the Jewish community of Rome). Italie - Patrimoine et histoire, synagogues, musées et quartiers juifs - En lisière des fouilles d’Ostie, qui fut le grand port de la Rome impériale, se dressent les restes d’une antique synagogue avec des chapiteaux de colonnes ornés de la menorah, le chandelier à sept branches. This was with Jewish Roma. La Grande Synagogue de Rome (en italien : Tempio Maggiore di Roma) est la plus grande synagogue de la ville de Rome, construite peu de temps après l'unification italienne en 1870, lorsque Rome passa sous le houlette du royaume d'Italie. Elle a été édifiée par les architectes Costa et Armanni, dans la partie détruite du vieux ghetto. Don't miss the amazing bakery and enjoy lunch at one of the Kosher Restaurants. Rome Kosher & Jewish Guide, Vacations & Trips: the biggest web guide for Kosher Restaurants & Eateries, Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Synagogues, Mikvahs, Minyans / Shuls, Shabbat Meals, Rooms & Hospitality, Chabad - for the Jewish Observant Traveler in Rome Italy Synagogue in Rome, Italy. Temprio Maggiore - Great Synagogue of Rome is the synagogue of Rome Jewish synagogue.

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