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Historical Overview In the 1920s, Edwin Hubble, using the newly constructed 100" telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory, detected variable stars in several nebulae.

Hubble found that the universe was not static, but rather was expanding!

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A type of matter that fills up space and is undetectable at the moment. 13.7 billion years old. universe formed when an infinitely dense point suddenly and rapidly expanded in a single moment.

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the universe appears to be accelerating. Start studying The Expanding Universe. When an object is moving, the waves in front of it become compressed and the waves behind it stretch out.

IN the 1920s astomer Edwin Hubble discovered, that the universe wasn’t static rather it was expanding and finding that revealed the universe was apparently born in a Big Bang . jill_sukel. dark matter. The Expanding Universe In fact, the universe is getting even bigger. Spell. Log in Sign up. Browse. Doppler Shift • The rate of shift of the wavelength of light received. This is called Quizzes #1,2 Jan 12th Quizzes #14,15,16 Feb 19th Quizzes #3,4,5 Jan 19th Quizzes #17,18,19,20 Mar 1st Quizzes #6,7,8 Jan 26th Quizzes #21,22,23,24 Mar 8th Quizzes #9,10 All quizzes must be done by midnight on the dates STUDY. Flashcards. PLAY. Most of the universe is thought to be made of dark matter and 8. The observation obtained from Hubbles space telescope in 1998 revealed that a long time ago, the universe was expanding more slowly than it is today.

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They infer that a mysterious new force, which they call dark energy, is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate. The Expanding Universe. Astronomers believe that the universe is expanding - that all points in the universe are getting farther apart all the time.
The Expanding Universe This section explains how astronomers think the universe and the solar system formed. Start a free trial of Quizlet Plus by Thanksgiving | Lock in 50 % off all year Try it free. Chapter 17. dark energy. States that the universe came into existence 13.7 billion years ago when a singularity rapidly expanded creating time, space, matter, and energy.

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