Episode Storyline: Trevor, Sypha and Alucard take a dangerous path in their desperate attempt to defeat Dracula. Trevor also only needs to land a few strikes if not just one to kill or knockout Stain. As for the "Vampire Killer" whip, it's a fun little weapon that blends the rules of a flail, whip, and spiked chain (depending on its use). There are two ways to play this build: Old School, and New. Trevor's Attacks- Whip 2. Comment. Trevor is the first Belmont to have defeated Dracula and as such, has gained legendary status. It would be far easier for Trevor to land a hit with his incrediblely long range whip/Morningstar. No longer the current Belmont to take up the whip once 100 years had passed (or, at least, the first to see that rule go into effect), Trevor was the son of new-series anti-hero, Gabriel Belmont.

Now the whip is very different than any other weapon that Hector wields, and acts pretty much how it does during Trevor's boss fights. So I just watched season two of castlevania and now I'm obsessed with making a character based off of Trevor Belmont. Now the whip is very different than any other weapon that Hector wields, and acts pretty much how it does during Trevor's boss fights. Combat Abilities ===== ----- A. Weaponry ----- Trevor Belmont, being of the famous Belmont Clan, wields none other than whips. Add to Favourites. If you want to go Old School, it will be harder, as you have to use the whip in one hand, you can't backstab, and you can't parry, you HAVE to play like the Castlevania Games. H2H, Cap trashes in like 10 hits max. ... Trevor Belmont, known as Ralph C. Belmondo (ラルフ・C ... as he is the last known Belmont to wield the whip before Julius Belmont killed Dracula in 1999. Sans vs Trevor Belmont (Netflix) | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom ... he was surrounded by monsters and managed to block their simultaneous attacks with one whip, and with two he can do far better than that Also, he absolutely opens with the whip, and one touch of that thing will kill Sans instantly as it negates durability, implode, boils, scorches and turn monsters to ashes Loading editor. Dracula had attacked Transylvania with his legions and no man could stand against him, which forced the church to find a member of the Belmont clan. He's highly skilled and well-trained, but he could never compare to the raw power Cap has. I imagine he would be all about combat manoeuvres considering the whip/ flail. By TheScourgeKirb | Watch. Trevor Belmont whips into DEATH BATTLE! Simon is one of only two Belmonts to have faced Dracula twice in his lifetime, the other being his ancestor Christopher. Trevor Belmont is human, nothing particularly special about him. This led them to find Trevor, whom defeated hordes of Dracula's legions, found valuable allies on his way, and ultimately defeated Dracula himself. Image: Netflix

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